University Advisory about High Holidays and Religious Absences

Many students have asked about missing classes due to High Holidays and other Jewish holidays.

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"The University of Chicago is home to students of all the world’s major religious traditions and, though a proudly secular institution, it prizes the rich diversity of spiritual expression and practice to be found on campus.

There are times when students and other members of the university community find themselves facing conflicts between religious observance and academic commitments. Students are advised to alert their professors in advance if a conflict will occur, so that their professors can work with them with regard to academic requirements.

Where there are questions related to faculty/student expectations, the Dean of Students and/or the director of Spiritual Life may be consulted. Where a holy day occurs during the first week of the quarter, students missing the first meeting of a class because of observance related to that holy day will not be dropped from the class roster, provided that they have discussed this absence with the professor in advance."