For you. For a friend. For your child.

Chicken Soup Express
Oy Vey!! Sick?

Feeling under the weather, and need a boost?

Chabad's got your back! There's nothing a piping hot bowl of home-made chicken soup can't fix...

FREE hot chicken soup delivered right to your door - Just like Bubby’s! It’s the Jewish Penicillin! Just text "SOUP" to 773.955.8672

​Or fill out this form: (Parents click here)

Mezuzah Bank

Display your Jewish pride with your very own Mezuzah for your dorm/apt door. ​We have one waiting for you, FREE of charge! 

($10 Deposit, get it back when you return the Mezuzah)

Lending Library

Chabad has an extensive library on a wide range of Jewish related topics, from Torah to Talmud, Israel to Jewish History, Philosophy to Jewish Humor.

Check it out, borrow books or out a book on hold here.

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