What makes Chabad run? Students!

Meet our awesome student board.

Feel free to drop them a line to grab coffee, ask questions and make suggestions. 

 Will Cohen- President

Originally from Naperville, IL, I am currently a third-year biology major working towards medical school. Outside of all the time I spend in class or at Chabad, I volunteer in the Emergency Room, work in a research lab, and write science and military articles for the campus political review.

Chabad is one of the best places on campus because when you walk in the door, you feel like family! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you have about Chabad, Jewish life on campus, or UChicago by emailing willcohen@uchicago.edu.

And no, I'm not related to Mark Zuckerberg...

Daniel Gutkind- Vice President

I grew up in New York and I took a gap year in Israel before coming to UChicago where I am a second-year(class of 2021).  I am planning on majoring in economics ad fundamentals.

In my spare time, I like reading and watching Friends. My favorite things about Chabad are the warm family atmosphere and Shabbat Dinners.






 Mark Raphael- Treasurer

I am a fourth-year in the college majoring in Economics and possibly Computer Science too. I am originally from Santa Barbara, California. Outside of class I’m on the club volleyball team at UChicago and beat the other members of the Chabad Student Board at ping pong. I like Chabad because of the food. The people are cool too.


Esther Ochoa- Events Coordinator

I grew up in many places along the East Coast, but now I live in Oklahoma City now. I'm a second-year 

Biology and Classics Major, and I'm pre-med. I'm a member of the Chamber Music Association, Triathlon Team, and UChicago Alliance with Israel, and I conduct cancer research at the university.

Chabad has become my home away from home this year, and its people and community have made Friday nights the highlight of every week.

I'd love to answer any questions that you might have, so please feel free to send me an email at ochoae@uchicago.edu


Nava Crispe- Communications Director

I was born in Israel, lived in Philly for ten years, and now call Vermont home. I’m currently taking a gap year at the Mayanot Institute for Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. While it’s been an amazing experience so far, I can’t wait to get back to UChicago next year! I’ll be a second-year when I return and plan on majoring in something humanities-oriented. Transitioning to a big city and school seemed really daunting at first, but coming to Chabad during O-week instantaneously made me feel right at home. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about Chabad or campus at ncrispe@uchicago.edu! 🙂

Schuyler Penn - Board Member


Jared Rosen- Board Member
I'm originally from San Diego, and currently a third-year studying economics. UChicago has been a great experience so far, and Chabad has been integral. If you're looking to find a home away from home please stop by for Shabbat dinner. Hope to see you there!





Isabel Wolfson- Board Member

I grew up in New York City, and I’m currently a second-year in the college planning to study Public Policy and Sociology. I love walking into Chabad and feeling at home. Especially when the week feels super long, I know Baila and Yossi are always there to discuss something new and interesting. If you want some good food, amazing conversations, and a 

great time stop by Chabad!


Yakir Zwebner- Board Member

I’m a second year at The University of Chicago where I plan on majoring in neuroscience on a PreMed track. On 

campus I’m excited to share my Judaism with just about anyone who will let me. I enjoy the intimate nature of the close-knit Jewish community at The University of Chicago and am eager to help continue its tremendous recent growth. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Chabad board as I believe it to be a tremendous opportunity to connect with other Jewish leaders from a host of different backgrounds, and a vehicle to allow us to bolster the Jewish experience at UChicago. Through the Chabad board, I hope to improve on my leadership abilities and continue to run better and more successful programming and initiatives on campus.


Tal Zahavi- Board Member

Originally from Even Yehuda, Israel, I moved to Rochester, NY when I was 6 years old, and have been super involved in Chabad since, participating in Cteen and JLI throughout high school. I’m currently a second-year at the College majoring in Economics and Statistics. Outside of the classroom and Chabad, I’m super involved in CBL (Chicago Basketball League), Maroon Golf, and Psi Upsilon fraternity. I also work part time downtown and remotely for a brokerage firm in NYC! I love Chabad because it is family — Rabbi Brackman and his family always make sure you’re right at home! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you have by emailing tzahavi@uchicago.edu