Highlights Report - April 2018


20180225_110209.jpg Sinai Scholars

Sinai Scholars is our premier 8 week Jewish learning program. You provided for two Sinai Scholars opportunities during the winter and spring. With a focus on foundational ideas of Judaism, here’s what first year Gabe Hull says: “Sinai Scholars is a wonderful opportunity to engage in serious Jewish learning and discussion in an accessible context.”



purim.jpgYou should be proud at how Purim at Chabad really rocked!

First year Nina Levine was there and said “…everyone was really friendly and made sure that I didn’t feel like an outsider. Nearly everyone was dressed up to celebrate Purim— the communal joy in gathering for the holiday was really exciting.”



Passover was a huge hit!  With students of all walks of life, you provided a really meaningful seder, with delicious brisket, crunchy matzah and amazing memories.


Student Anna Segal shared this reflection:
In the true spirit of seder, we all came together as a big community spreading across two long tables. The people around were a true melting pot of undergraduates, grad students, members of the local community and international guests.


Inclusivity was a quality I would use to describe that night in general. Rabbi Yossi and Baila  made sure that everyone had the opportunity to be involved whether in reading part of the Hagaddah, asking questions or feeling otherwise connected. As always, they actively included the new and the old, the older and the younger members of our community…  A great night filled with good food, good stories and most importantly, good company!”


Shabbat Across Campus

For the first time ever, students across campus hosted Shabbat dinners in their dorms and apartments. Jordan Karpin, a second year from California was one of the hosts in the north Campus dorm. The Shabbat across campus program allowed me to host a Shabbat dinner for my house in campus north . We had a great evening and were able to teach the house about Shabbat and Jewish traditions while enjoying a delicious meal! Thanks to Chabad house for helping .”


Alex Swerdlow, a third year from Florida had friends over at his off campus apartment. “Shabbat on campus was a great opportunity to bring my friends together for an evening of Jewish discourse and delicious food. Chabad made it super easy by providing amazing food and all of the materials we needed to make the event a success. Can't wait to do it again!”


IDF Vist with Belev Echad

Your support brought together a diverse group of students hear from and support a group of soldiers who were wounded in terrorist attacks.

Monica Kieff, a fourth year had this to say: I really enjoyed the event organized by Chabad where 2 IDF soldiers were brought in to talk about their experiences in the army.

…I was easily able to get an idea of what life was like for the two soldiers and it increased my appreciation for everything that they did for Israel. They were incredibly open and candid, and answered so many of our questions at the end of the event. I really enjoyed talking to the soldiers after the event too and meet the soldiers on a more personal level.”



Next report will include: Coming: Lag B’omer, Israel 4000 Course, Chaplaincy at UChicago Hospitals, Med School Luncheon, Shmulie’s Bar Mitzvah with students, Shavuot, Sushi Shabbat, Sinai Scholars Symposium….