Linking Hearts

Linking Hearts at the University of Chicago extends a helping hand to the homebound, elderly and children with special needs.

This program also provides hospital visitations.

How does it work?

Linking Hearts receives a request about a special needs child that would enjoy spending time with a young college student or an elderly person that lives alone, we then send a volunteer to visit them for an hour or two a week depending on the need and availability of a volunteer.

This unique program introduces student volunteers to those in need, through shared experiences both are enriched.

How can I get involved?

  • University of Chicago students can volunteer to visit children and/or senior citizens. 
  • If you have a car and are able to drive, we are in need of people to drive our volunteers to and from their visitations.
  • If you have friends or relatives that would appreciate a visit please contact us, we will be happy to make the initial call.
  • Support Linking Hearts with your donations. Click Here.

Please contact Baila at (773) 955-8672 or contact Baila by clicking here

Linking Hearts is made up of four components: Student volunteers, those in need, staff and supporters. The true beauty of this endeavor is our heart to heart connection.
Together, we can perform miracles.

Linking Hearts is a project of the Chabad Jewish Center at the Unversity of Chicago & Hyde Park