Welcome to Café Shira

Cafe Shira, is named for our generous sponsors Bill Coleman and Carole (Shira) Groover.

As of November, 2015 the cafe is open every Monday and Wednesday for lunch from 12pm - 3pm. It is closed when UChicago is not in session.

Cafe Shira is a cool place to hang out, read, study, play games or schmooze. Chabad House remains open at all other times for tea/coffee and study.

Prices (suggested donation):

  • Fresh brewed coffee and tea: Free
  • Lox and cream cheese bagel: $3.00
  • Cream cheese bagel: $1.75
  • Eggel: $2.50
  • Pizza bagel: $2
  • Plain bagel: $1
  • Experience at Cafe Shira: Priceless