Chabad Welcomes Matthew Katz

Jewish Learning Coordinator 


Pic Matt Katz.jpg

    Matthew Katz was an award winning Chicago Public Schools high school social studies instructor in Chicago’s “La Villita” neighborhood for several years before becoming an attorney and opening his law firm in the same “barrio” in which he taught.  

    He later returned to obtain his MBA at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business wherein he rediscovered how much he missed school!  He saved his electives up for his last quarter of the MBA program to take four courses at the UChicago Divinity School, which reignited his childhood dream of deeply engaging Jewish learning. 

    Since graduating Booth in December of 2015 he has been immersed in Jewish coursework, now as a Master’s of Divinity student at the Div School and at various yeshivot.

    He is excited to continue his Jewish learning at Chabad this school year as Coordinator of Jewish Learning for 2017-18.  In this role he is available to you for one-on-one learning sessions to together dive into a topic of your choice, whether something esoteric like Kabbalah or Chassidus, or to engage a more meat and potatoes subject such as the weekly Torah portion, Talmud, or Jewish law.  Feel free to email him at to set up a time, to sign up on the Jewish Learning Calendar on the wall at Chabad House, or to simply walk-in during any of the times below!