Chabad Jewish Life and Learning Internship 


New beginning Fall 2014! 


Live in Chabad House, just steps from campus,  for as low as $200 per month including all utilities and be a Jewish Life intern. 


The details: On the second floor of Chabad House there are four bedrooms and two bathrooms. In addition, there is a separate kitchen for the residents. Student interns living in Chabad House can be of any Jewish background and affiliation or no affiliation at all. Being a Jewish Life intern you will devote a least 6 hours per week to creating Jewish programs on campus and at Chabad House.  


  • What's included? All utilities, furniture (optional), WiFi, laundry access.
  • Can I bring friends over for dinner, homework etc? Of course, anytime!
  • Do I need to observe Shabbat? No.
  • Do I need to keep kosher?  No. We will assist any kosher observant internsby allowing us of the Chabad kosher kitchen.
  • Will I need to attend all Chabad events? No. You will be required to attend at least three Shabbat dinners per quarter and other events as agreed upon. 
  • Can I come and see the rooms first? Sure! Email us at
  •  What's the difference between the rooms? Size. The small room is $200 and the largest (it's very big) is $325 
  • Can graduate students apply? Absolutely! 
  • How do I apply for the "live in Chabad House internship? Click here. 


Here's more info.


The Chabad Internship Program provides students an opportunity to engage in authentic Jewish programming for fellow students.  

Students will plan and execute programs, classes and events that contain Jewish content and provide experiences of Jewish learning for participants and the organizers.

At Chabad we believe that Jewish learning is the key to a meaningful Jewish experience. All internships will contain a learning component.

Internships incorporate various areas of Chabad activities: 


jLearn is a national effort to elevate the level of Jewish learning on campus. Jewish learning must be the central program from which all other events and program emerge. 

All learning programs at Chabad are part of jLearn.

Shabbat and Holidays:

Shabbat and holidays provide the community and spirit for Jewish life. Chabad endeavors to provide creative quality programming for Shabbat and holidays.

Birthright Israel and IsraeLinks:

Israel captures the heart of Jews throughout the world. Birthright and IsraeLinks provide amazing opportunities for students to explore Israel and their heritage through Israel.

Sinai Scholars:

Sinai Scholars is the premier Jewish learning program on campus.

Paid interns conditions:


  • Attending a weekly meeting of 90-minute duration.  
  • Attending at least 3 Shabbat dinners per quarter and bringing friends.
  • Follow through on assignments and tasks
  • Give at least 6 hours per week.
  • Attend one 3 part learning program per quarter or at least three lessons
  • Meet with fellow students. 

For the regular internship 



  • Paid interns will receive:
  • Personal satisfaction from providing meaningful Jewish experiences for students
  • Support from Chabad staff
  • 24/7 access to Chabad House
  • $750 per school year or $250 per quarter - this only applies to those that do not live in Chabad House.

The interns will work closely with Rabbi Yossi and Baila Brackman and the Chabad Student Executive Board on approving all programs, providing support for the interns and deciding the direction of Chabad House.