• Do you have Fine China that has been sitting in the shelf collecting dust?
  • Do you have a single earring that you have no use for or other scraps of gold or loose diamonds?
  • Do you have a set of silver flatware from your Aunt Fanny?
  • Do you have an old painting you're looking to replace?

Any of these items can yield great tax deductions and we'll do all the work.  

With our connections with refiners and dealers, we can sell your items and share the profits with you, thereby getting you a tax deduction and some cash in your pocket. 

Call us at 773.955.8672 to donate any item of value and we'll pick it up.

Example: A recent donation of flatware yielded $900.  an incomplete set of Rosenthal china yielded $600. 

Please note: 

All items will be sold with an attempt to receive the maximum return of your donation. 

We do not accept donations of furniture or clothing.  We do accept donations of some Jewish books in good condition to our ever growing library.