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Past events include:

  • Jewish Tour of the Oriental Institute with Museum Curator Jack Green and Educator Miriam Jaffe
  • From Neo-NAzi to Jew to Pawel Bromson
  • The Mystery of the Ten Lost Tribes. Who Are They? Where Are They? Are They Still Jewish? Presented by Rabbi Menachem Moscowitz
    Kabbalah and the Red String with Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz
  • Guru Turned Jew - With Gil Locks
  • Why Marry Jewish? with Doron Konrbluth
  • T he Origins of the Bible with Rabbi Dr. J. Immanuels Scochet Ph.D.
  • Discover the lifetime and history of RASHI Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki (1040-1105 C.E.) Why is Av 15th the Greatest Festival on the Jewish Calendar? (Talmud Taanit) Join us for an enjoyable lecture delving into Talmudic texts and insights of Kabbala
  • Put the HIGH back in HOLIDAYS
    An in depth discussion of the mystical and kabbalistic dimension of the High Holidays