Get up to speed on your Judaism!

Chabad is proud to offer three crash courses:

1. Crash Course in Judaism 

Gain a New Perspective, Beyond Passover and Hannukah - Course in (not so) Basic Judaism

  • Belief in God
  • Prayer
  • The Shabbat
  • Jewish Observance
  • Sexuality

Instructor: Rabbi Yossi Brackman

2. Course on Jewish History

Join us for a discussion that spans the ages and will impact on the choices we make every day.

  • Biblical Times
  • United Kingdom (in Israel) to Exile and Diaspora
  • The Jewish Epicenter Moves West
  • Enlightenment to WWI
  • Holocaust and Renewal: 1933 – Present

Instructor: Rabbi Yossi Brackman

Begins: Thursday, May 5th

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3. Read Hebrew in 5 Weeks 

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