Summer Opportunities for Students 


Summer is an awesome time to connect with your Jewish heritage. Take a look at some of these programs and see which one speaks to you.   Looking for something different? Drop us a line, we can help with all sorts of ideas.


Short Events 

Sinai Scholars National Retreat - for Sinai Scholars Students 

The Sinai Scholars National Retreat will be at the Palmer House Hilton hotel, in Chicago,- August 6-10, 2014.  Registration is open and details are at 

This Sinai Scholar Society retreat scholarship will include: program tuition, and all accommodations - a value of well over $1900. Students must arrange their own travel provisions, however they will be reimbursed up to $200 of expenses. Travel allowance stipend is available for current students ONLY. A fully refundable $250 deposit is required upon their acceptance in order to reserve their room at the resort.


Study Opportunities

IsraeLinks Study Three Week Study and Touring

IsraeLinks is a unique program offering an in depth exploration of our Jewish heritage — Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. 

Extensive guided tours of the country will be accompanied by stimulating lectures and discussions with academic and rabbinic experts. Participants will get to review ancient and contemporary source materials, exciting historical explorations, mentored discussions of Judaism, as well as first hand discovery of the social, religious and political composition of the Holy Land.  Visit 

Cost: Only $499 

July 1 - July 17

Jewish Study Fellowship in the Catskill Mountains, NY:

unnamed (1).jpgA five-week Jewish experience that enables you to taste Jewish living. The focus is on study. World renowned scholars will help you open the classic texts that have nurtured our people for centuries, learning how to apply their insights to your lives. Set in the pastoral beauty of New York's Catskill Mountains, a growth oriented environment is created by a vibrant group of thinking students who, like you, seek to broaden their spiritual horizons, explore their Jewish roots, and enjoy doing so.

Stipend: up to $2,000, incl. room and board. See

Dates: Men’s program will run from June 12 - July 22. 
Women’s program will run from June 17 - July 22.

Immersion Study Program in Israel: 

For five weeks this summer, we invite you to acquire a solid grounding in the fundamentals of Jewish thought at Mayanot. This is your opportunity to explore the issues that have challenged Jewish thinkers for centuries in an intimate and intellectually open environment.

 The Summer Program at Mayanot includes:

  • Courses in Hebrew Language (Ulpan), Jewish Mysticism, Philosophy, Talmud, Chasidism and Chumash (Bible).
  • Discussions on contemporary Judaism.
  • Exciting tours throughout Israel.
  • Full room and board in the heart of Jerusalem (walking distance to downtown and the Old City).

For exact dates, see
Major scholarships available Info:  


Miami Torah Experience - for men 

The program curriculum includes introduction to Talmud, Jewish law, Chumash and Chassidic thought. In addition to the structured courses, the program will provide ample opportunities for a student to pursue his particular learning style.

Faculty and staff are available for tutorials, private consultations and informal discussions. Distinguished guest lecturers address the student body on topics of special interest.

Dates: see


Study with a live partner on the phone at YOUR convenience

JNet helps people like you take time out of a busy workweek to explore their Judaism.

Professionals, students, and homemakers of every age and background use JNet to study Torah, discuss the history of Judaism, analyze the Talmud, and discover Kabbalah's spirituality and man's purpose on earth.

What will you learn with JNet?

Tell us about your interests, your familiarity and your availability and we'll pair you with a volunteer phone-study partner for a journey of inspiring study, stimulating discussion and exhilarating growth. 


Intern at Chabad House

  • The Rohr Chabad House is looking to hire a few summer interns. Eligible candidates can opt to receive free summer lodging in Hyde Park. 

Fall Opportunities

  • Do you want to really impact the Uchicago Jewish community? Become a Chabad intern. Get the behind the scenes scoop of a new innovative program to begin in the fall and earn a generous stipend. Email us for more info

Birthright - Winter

What are you doing for winter break? Email NOW to get your name on the winter birthright trip. Email or or visit