Saturday, March 27 - Sunday, April 4

Passover is around the corner and we have you covered!
Looking for an awesome Seder? Want to keep Kosher on Passover?

Don't live on macaroons all Passover..... Stop by Chabad during the week for hearty Kosher for Passover dinners and some good times with your Chabad family!


From the Passover Seders to our special Passover dinners, join your fellow UChicago Jews for some crunchy Matzah, mouthwatering brisket, delicious chicken soup and much more...all homemade! You won't be disappointed at our Passover spread!

Student Seders at Chabad
In Person & To-Go


1st Seder:

A large seder at Chabad House, with the food served in our outdoor heated tent, lots of small discussions, and moving at a good pace. Crispy hand baked matzah, sparkling wine, delicious brisket and mouthwatering desserts. 

Start at 8:00pm, dinner at 9:30pm, done by 10:30pm. Reservations really help us.  

2nd Seder (tentative): 

Feel right at home around our table, with a homemade dinner. Gear up for a cozy and inspiring Seder that will take you well into the night like our sages of yesteryear. Starts at 8:15pm till late.

Reservations an absolute must for this intimate family style seder. Non UChicago students must call ahead before making reservations.

Passover Meals:

Chabad House will be offering subsidized lunch and dinner every day of Passover. Sign up at the link below. 

No Hebrew, affiliation, denomination, tickets or anything special required.
Just come as you are and be ready to have a meaningful, delicious experience. 

All meals at Chabad are FREE for Students.
Consider our suggested $10 donation per meal to enable us to continue providing to all.
Need to sell your chametz?
We've got you covered for that too.

Since it is prohibited to possess chametz on Passover, any chametz left undisposed must be sold to a non-Jew. We can take care of it for you, just complete a super brief form.

Community Seders To-Go
Let Zelda's do the cooking for you!​

Get you Seder catered by Zelda's of Skokie. It can be picked up at Zelda's on Thursday, March 25th, from Chabad on Friday, March 25th or we can deliver it to your door on Thursday, March 25th.