Jewish Learning @ Chabad UChicago


Ready to explore all that Jewish Knowledge has to offer? 

Welcome to a world of Jewish knowledge, drawn from millennia of wisdom, designed for modern living, and crafted into minicourses for the busy college student - so that you can be the best Jewish You.

What would you like to learn?


Discover Your Israel Course

An intriguing, no politics course on the history, tradition, and Jewish connection to the Land of Israel.

Discover Your Israel with a six week course designed to dig deeper than the politics on the ground and provide real answers to today’s most pressing questions. 


All students taking the course will receive a $175 stipend upon completion. No homework or essays required.

The time and day of the week will be decided based on consensus.

Private Learning

A question you've been pondering? A topic you want to learn more about?

We make it convenient and easy to study a topic of your own.

Hit us up to discover any topic in Judaism at your own pace, in a one-on-one session with Rabbi Yossi or Baila. 

Ask all the questions you've always held back.

Or join a class with other students for interesting and meaningful discussion.

The Max Lewis Sinai Scholars Program

A chance to explore your Jewish identity and the essence of our traditions in an intimate, fast-paced setting

A fascinating and exclusive 8-week course, probing the depth of Judaism, for relevance and meaning in our fast-paced lives as millennials in the era of Snapchat and drones.

Be prepared to be wowed each class while:

  • earning a $350 stipend

  • eat lunch/dinner

  • make new friends​

Sign up by texting "SinaiScholars" to 773-232-5700