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Read Hebrew

Read Hebrew


Learn To Read Hebrew in 5 Weeks!




  • Do you want to feel more comfortable in the synagogue?
  • Do your children read better than you?
  • Do you want to brush-up on your Hebrew reading skills
  • Did you never have the opportunity to learn to read Hebrew?

Here is an opportunity to learn to read Hebrew in just 5 weeks!

Learn Hebrew in a contemporary and engaging format. The course will teach Hebrew from scratch, no prior knowledge required.

Date:  Starting Wednesday, October 29th at 3 PM

Location: Rohr Chabad House, 5700 S. Woodlawn Ave


Fee: FREE for students. $25 for non students. Inlcudes workbook.


Instructor: Baila Brackman


To sign up for this course please click here  for our reservations page


Please note: This class will teach you to sound the words, it will not teach you Hebrew language. If you are interested in learning Hebrew language please contact us.


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