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On Sunday, April 15th, the students will present and defend their papers with questions from:
Professors: Laurie Zoloth (UChicago), Lawrence Schiffman (NYU), Michael Ben-Avie (Yale), and Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe of the Institute of Jewish and American Law (NY).

Austin Shulman University of Central Florida Infinity and Mathematics in Judaism 10-10:30am
Shauli Bar-On University of Southern California Comparing Jewish Legal Philosophies with Modern American Law 10:30-11:00
Joshua Daniels Western Washington University Keeping the Faith


Gabrielle Solomon SUNY Oswego Ethical Treatment of Animals in Judaism 11:45-12:15
Laura Silverberg Vanderbilt University The Dynamic Relationship Between Judaism and Medicine


Lunch at Ida Noyes Hall
Annie Charlat University of British Columbia Punk Rock and Judaism: The Long Standing Jewish Tradition of Resistance 2:00-2:40
Manuel Croituru Rice University Purim Katan, One-Sixtieth, and the ‘Perpetual Feast' 2:40-3:20
Luz Tur-Sinai Gozal Stanford University The Intersection between Sinaitic Wisdom, Compassion, and the Law 3:20-4:05
Ben Ezzes University of Sydney Moving Moments: Reflections of a New Jewish Educator 4:05-4:45
Mendel Jacks Monash University Random or by design? - The Jewish lens 4:45-5:15

Awards and dinner at the Rohr Chabad House at 6pm

To RSVP for dinner please email


Ida Noyes Hall is located at 1212 E 59th St, entrance on Woodlawn Ave

The Rohr Chabad House is located 5700 S. Woodlawn Ave, one block north of Ida Noyes Hall