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Passover meal form

Passover meal form


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Pesach Seder

With Passover on the weekend this year, the dining hall will be open for Monday, April 25-Thursday, April 28.

Chabad will be hosting Seders and lunch for Saturday, April 23, and lunch and dinner for Sunday, April 24. We will also be serving dinner on Thursday, April 28, lunch and dinner on Friday April 29th and lunch on Saturday April 30.

Students can eat meals at Chabad at no cost.

IMPORTANT: All meals MUST be reserved for in advance, by Thursday April 21st for the first days and Wednesday, April 27th for the final days.

Times of lunch will be 11:30 am -1:30 pm

Times of dinner will be 6:30 -8:00 pm.

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Saturday Lunch April 23rd
Sunday Lunch April 24th
Thursday Dinner April
Friday Lunch April 29th
Friday/Shabbat Dinner April
Saturday Lunch April 30th
Please note: Passover ends on Saturday, April 30th at 8:34pm.

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